Happiness Bomb

I love this idea. It’s a new one, not a traditional business concept. A happiness bomb is something that you send to your customers (or just a few of your customers) unexpectedly to make them love and appreciate you.

If you’re a consultant like me, you might send your customers a business book you think they might appreciate. If you sell chocolates online, you might send a free sample of a new product to your top 50 previous customers.

What could you send to people to make them love you, and get them to spend some more money, tell their friends how cool your company is, and say nice things about you on Twitter? Note – you might send happiness bombs as part of your marketing, but I think the intention is that you send it without expecting direct reciprocation. So don’t suggest anything like buying more chocolates or saying anything on Twitter, just send them the gift.

A bit like buying your partner a bunch of daffodils out of the blue, for no reason at all, other that you love them and want to see them smile.

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Title image by Henrik Sandklef