Play music

Sometimes I forget to play music while I’m working.  I get into doing all my things and forget to put something on to keep me company.  If running a business is all about making money and having fun, you might as well get in a good mood by playing songs you like.

In the productivity literature, they talk about developing “flow”.  Flow is apparently when we are happiest, it’s that state of mind where you are so absorbed in what you’re doing that you forget the time and become one with your task.  If you’re playing music which enhances your mood, but doesn’t distract you from working, then you’re more likely to be in flow.  And you’ll get shedloads of things done.

This is part of a series of ultra short blogs with random business tips I use with clients (and myself) on a regular basis.

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Photo credit – thanks to Jonathan Grado, from Flickr on a creative commons licence