What are your networking plans for Xmas?

I was just arranging to meet up on a cake date with the lovely Jacky Misson.

Jacky suggested that we meet on the 20th December because she’s finishing all her “proper work” the week before and spending the week up until Christmas just going for coffee and meeting up with business friends.

I thought this was a lovely idea – and one I want to copy and share with you.

Too often, we find ourselves being very unproductive in that last week before the holidays, but Jacky’s idea means that you can still wind down before your break.

And in a week when not a lot is going to be happening, but be productive because you’re getting together with people who can help you and your business.

I commend the idea to you all.

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Photo credit, Christmas 25 by Kevin Dooley, from Flickr on a creative commons licence and Vervate