Remarkable Business

Are you committed to getting better at what you do and ready to put your business on a fast-track to success?

Remarkable Business will help you get going with making more money and having more fun with your business.

Knowledge + support = success

A six month intensive programme to make your business remarkable
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The first part of Remarkable Business will be all about finding the right strategy for your business. We’ll work together on setting out the path to success for you. And working out what success means for you.

You and I will do a deep dive into your business, and the steps you need to take to transform it.

You’ll have a solid plan of action to get going with right from the start.


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Advice and Support

Make Your Business Remarkable is an alternative way to get the results for your business that you would normally get from 12 months of one to one business coaching.

There will be regular online workshops, lots of resources and activities for you to apply to your business, plus the chance to book one to one online sessions with me.

And you’ll be getting tons of support and accountability from the other people on the programme. Running a business can be lonely, but you’ll have me and the rest of your group firmly on your side.


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Skills and Knowledge

Remarkable Business will give you all the skills and knowledge you need to develop a successful business. We’ll be covering marketing, pricing, positioning, clever operations, delegating, negotiating…all of that important business knowledge and skills

But this isn’t a traditional course – you’ll be applying those skills and getting coaching and feedback from me and the rest of the group to support you in becoming a master of small business.

Who is Make your Business Remarkable for?

You’re in charge of your own business – you get to decide what you do, how you do it, and how fast you want to go with it.

You could do with making some more money. If you already have all the money you need, the great house, and a fancy yacht…this isn’t the programme for you. But if you could do with some more cash in the bank (even if you’re going to give big chunks of it to charity) you should join us.

Remarkable Business is designed for little businesses who want to grow. You might be freelancing or consulting and ready to make the next step up, or you might already have a company which is doing okay, but you need some help to get to the next stage. If you have more than five staff already, you will need one to one coaching.

You are committed to getting better at what you do. Remarkable Business is all about getting help and support to get better at running a successful business. Whether you need help in developing more confidence and a growth mindset to set your business on fire, or you want to develop specific business skills like negotiating better deals, Remarkable Business is here to support you in mastering the skills you need.

You have at least 2 hours a week to work on this. You’ll need a couple of hours to join in the regular workshops, support other people and take part in the activities which will help you to develop all those business superpowers. It’s okay to have a holiday or two within this though!

You’re comfortable working and communicating online. Remarkable Business is all online, using video conferencing for the workshops and one to one sessions, plus online chat and other tools.

What does Make Your Business Remarkable cost?

Instalment plan £1750 + VAT
To secure your place for the programme starting in September 2019, you'll need to pay a deposit of £500 + VAT, and then 5 monthly instalments of £250

Your Remarkable Business - Pay upfront

Total £1550 + VAT
You can save yourself some money by paying the course fee in full and securing your place for the programme starting September 2019.

Will I make more money if I invest in this programme?

I have the same criteria for this programme as my one to one coaching – you have to want to make at least 50k a year, and I will most likely encourage you to aim higher. We will talk before the programme starts, and if I think your business cannot be transformed to make this kind of money, I will talk you through your options (for free) and refund your money in full.

I think that makes it a good return on investment.

Some of the results I’ve seen from equivalent coaching:

250k investment

One of my clients had big ambitious plans, but was finding it difficult to get anywhere. We worked on a mini business plan, how to negotiate with banks, and where to find the right investors. It took 6 months in total, but she got 175k of equity investment and 75k from a bank to initiate her ambition.

A pivot to profits of 65k pa

Paul (not his real name) sold his business, and came to me for advice on a completely new service he wanted to offer. We worked on a re-brand, positioning him as an expert in this new field. Within a year, he had profits of 65k, and requests for speaking gigs around the world.

Charge £450 per day

An amazing woman with an incredible CV was charging £200 per day for her work because she didn’t know what companies would really pay for her work. I persuaded her to try charging £450 a day - and she got it, easy peasy!

What do I get in Remarkable Business?

Regular online workshops covering all the key areas you need to learn to develop your business superpowers. You can take part live, or watch the replays later.

One to one time with me. I'll be running office hours throughout the programme so you can book in for a 30 minute online session.

Quick win actions you can apply to your business in the first month. These could be worth the price of the programme just on their own.

Tips on the best tools, and up to date ways of working. Knowing the best tools for the job can save you weeks of work.

Accountability for getting into action with your business from me and your group who are all here to support you.

Coaching and deliberate practice to help you to apply the skills you're learning so you develop true mastery over the six months of the programme.

Not quite sure if this is for you yet?

My guarantee for Remarkable Business

I only want you to do the Remarkable Business programme if it’s right for your business, and it’s going to move you forward to where you want to go faster. And give you a return on your investment of money and time.

Here’s my guarantee to you. If you take up a place on Remarkable Business and in our initial discussions we find out that this isn’t the right place for you right now, I’ll refund your money. And as we go along, as long as you come to the workshops (or watch the replays) and do the exercises, if you then find that it’s not for you, I’ll refund your money, or offer you a place on a later programme.

What my clients say
"Julia has helped me build a solid strategy to help grow my business. I went to Julia expecting to only need help with marketing and sales, which she has helped me with, but has also helped me look at the bigger picture to help create a solid foundation that I expect to completely transform my business for the better."
Chris Chart - Spark Engine
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