Make your business remarkable

Are you ready to start transforming your business? Do you want to get going on the fast track? Get the right advice and support to boost you through the business learning curve, so you can immediately start making your business remarkable?

Knowledge + support = success

A six month intensive programme to make your business remarkable
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Stand out

We will make your business stand out from everyone else. In fact, you might not even recognise it by the time we have changed it in our ‘Make Your Business Remarkable’ programme.
I will teach you everything you need to know about marketing and promotion, and you will get tons of support in getting into action with the things that will make a real difference to attracting new clients.
You will learn about how to apply different business models, how to increase your profitability
And of course, we’ll work on setting your pricing sweetspot.

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Peer support

Make Your Business Remarkable is an alternative way to get the results for your business that you would normally get from 12 months of one to one business coaching. You will get online learning and workshops with me, plus one to one support, but most of the changes you’ll make will be suggested by other people on the course. You’ll help them to transform their businesses, and they’ll work on yours.
You’ll have a special “ally group” – four other business owners who will be in your corner, giving you intensive support.

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Deliberate practice

Most business books and programmes fail because we don’t have chance to apply what we have learnt. I’m using the work of Peak authors Anders Ericsson and Robert Pool to build a framework of deliberate practice for everyone on this course. That means that you will be able to apply what you have learnt, practice it with others and get so good at the key elements of running a business, you shall have skills you will use every day for the rest of your life.

Who is Make your Business Remarkable for?

It is not for everyone. You have to be ready. We will be doing lots of work on mindset, but this programme is only for people who are already committed to transforming their business.

It is only for people who have been in business for at least 12 months. This is about transformation, not starting up.

It is only for small businesses - if you have more than five staff already, you will need specific advice through one to one coaching.

It is for people who are willing to share and support other people - it’s all about the groups. You will get direct one to one advice from me, but you will get the most out of this if you are willing to work with the other participants.

You will need to have at least two free hours per week for six months to be able to work on making changes to your business.

What does Make Your Business Remarkable cost?

Instalment plan £1750 + VAT
To secure your place for the programme starting in January 2018, you'll need to pay a deposit of £500 + VAT, and then 5 monthly instalments of £250

Your Remarkable Business - Pay upfront

Total £1550 + VAT
You can save yourself some money by paying the course fee in full and securing your place for the programme starting January 2018.

Will I make more money if I invest in this programme?

I have the same criteria for this programme as my one to one coaching – you have to want to make at least 50k a year, and I will most likely encourage you to aim higher. We will talk before the programme starts, and if I think your business cannot be transformed to make this kind of money, I will talk you through your options (for free) and refund your money in full.

I think that makes it a good return on investment.

Some of the results I’ve seen from equivalent coaching:

250k investment

One of my clients had big ambitious plans, but was finding it difficult to get anywhere. We worked on a mini business plan, how to negotiate with banks, and where to find the right investors. It took 6 months in total, but she got 175k of equity investment and 75k from a bank to initiate her ambition.

A pivot to profits of 65k pa

Paul (not his real name) sold his business, and came to me for advice on a completely new service he wanted to offer. We worked on a re-brand, positioning him as an expert in this new field. Within a year, he had profits of 65k, and requests for speaking gigs around the world.

Charge £450 per day

An amazing woman with an incredible CV was charging £200 per day for her work because she didn’t know what companies would really pay for her work. I persuaded her to try charging £450 a day - and she got it, easy peasy!
What my clients say
"Julia has helped me build a solid strategy to help grow my business. I went to Julia expecting to only need help with marketing and sales, which she has helped me with, but has also helped me look at the bigger picture to help create a solid foundation that I expect to completely transform my business for the better."
Chris Chart - Spark Engine
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