Remarkable Resources Page – October 2020

This is where I’ll be sharing all the videos and resources from our sessions.

Workshop 1

Zone of Genius Worksheet

life accounts from workshop 1v2

Workshop 2 – Business Models

Workshop 3 – Pricing part one

Sweetspot Pricing – get your head around the pricing methodology in the book and/or the website guidance in this link. Start filling in the spreadsheets.

Action 2 from this workshop – get into pairs and give each other feedback about your website/LinkedIn/other web presence, imagining that you are a potential customer of your partner for this exercise. See the last bit of the video for a more detailed explanation.


Alice & Sarah

Claire and Wolf

Paula and Jen

Stephen and Sophie


Workshop 4 – Pricing part two

Workshop 5 – Customer avatars

Workshop 6 – Marketing mindset

Workshop 7 – Key messages

Workshop 8 – sales pipeline

Activities for this week:

  • Make a list of at least your A list prospects
  • Find a way of reminding yourself to nudge them at least every 6 weeks
  • I’m also going to ask you to make a commitment to action to the group to make sure this is all complete.
  • Eg, I need to strengthen the calls to action on my website by including a better lead magnet
  • I need to get some outcome-based testimonials
  • Put at least one into the Slack group for everyone to see – something concrete you’ll do.
  • What you’re going to do
  • Why you’re doing it
  • When you’re going to do it by
  • What difference to your business will it make.

Workshop 10 – Marketing

Workshop 11 – Marketing 2

Workshop 12 – Productivity

Workshop 13 – Final workshop

Reunion Workshop – July 2021