Jill Mann


I thought I’d drop you a little line to say thank you!

I purchased your book this morning over breakfast, and it’s already helping me to get focused and revalue my work. I’m now on page 84. I’ve cancelled my Netflix subscription, I’ve worked through the exercises on salary goals (I’d already done some of this before but have now gone deeper).

I’m rewriting/rewording/reimagining my LinkedIn profile and am feeling more confident about what I have to offer, and a cheque for £270 just dropped through the letterbox (ok, I was expecting this cheque to arrive, but not today). So this timing made me smile 🙂


Quick update on my progress and another thank you for you! Since reading your book and your blog posts, I’ve gained greater confidence in asking for more/ what I’m worth/ rather than underselling myself.

I’m now building added value into the services I offer and am charging appropriately for them. What I offer is more effective, the clients are happy, I feel happier and energised by this, and my income is shifting! It seems so simple, yet it has been a really hard lesson to learn.

Jill Mann

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