Joanna Nutley and Kate Ashton


Julia’s been an enormous help to us. She’s grappled with our complicated finances, and helped us to understand what’s really going on with the business, and what we need to change to move it into the big time. And she’s taken all that financial information and helped us make some really big decisions.

The difference between working with Julia now and where we were is enormous. We’re now feeling much more confident and enthusiastic about the business and we know where to put most of our effort to get the best results. We can safely say that we both look forward to going into the office now, because we can feel sure that it’s all going to work out okay.

And that’s not just a feeling of more confidence. We can clearly see that we’ve made Nutley’s much more profitable in just a few months, and we can see a very clear and bright future. I think every business needs a Julia Chanteray.


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