Steve Bustin


I was stuck in a rut so deep I needed wellies. Being a one-man business makes it hard to think beyond the ‘here and now’ as you’re inevitably focused on the current project and, with luck, the next one.

Trying to gain a vision for anything beyond a few weeks or months was proving virtually impossible. I knew I wanted to make a change but couldn’t pinpoint what that change might be, let alone how to make it.

Julia provided me with support in a number of ways.

Firstly, she listened. Having someone listen to, and help me reflect on my worries and concerns, ideas and pipe-dreams has been invaluable. Secondly, Julia has been a critical friend, more than prepared to point out when I was talking rubbish or not being realistic about ideas, but also to encourage me to think differently, take risks (even just in thinking, let alone actions) and particularly to develop a long-term view, identifying what I really want to do in the business.

Lastly, Julia has inspired me. She saw things in my experience and skills that I’d never seen as valuable; she identified possible new directions for my business and she helped me develop new ideas and ways of putting them into practice that are already making a real difference to me and my business.