Susi Doherty


I knew that we had to change something about our company to drive it forward, but I didn’t know what. So many people had suggested getting a business mentor that I started looking for the person that I wanted to work with and felt I could trust.

I chose Julia because of these reasons as well as the number of people that said how great she is to work with and what a difference she had made to their own business journey.

We were doing well, but I knew that I wanted the company to be more. Between us, Julia and I came up with a whole new set of services to offer to clients. She got me to do lots of research and a whole lot of thinking about how to reposition the business. And she really helped us to get the new Vervate brand clear, when we relaunched with a new website, new name and very different branding.

Julia’s been brilliant. She’s challenged me a lot, but in a very supportive way. She also makes me laugh, has provided a box of tissues on occasion and makes very good coffee! And Vervate is already doing really well, we’re getting tons more enquiries for the new services and I’m able to suggest much more interesting and innovative things to our existing customers.