Best place to buy icecream in Brighton

Some of you may have seen the debate raging recently on Twitter about the best place in Brighton (and Hove, of course) to buy ice cream.

After exhaustive work by all the people who sent in the ice cream experiences, the most popular vote went to Boho Gelato in Pool Valley.  There were honourable mentions for Marocco’s by the King Alfred, and Scoop and Crumb.  I disallowed any contestants who sell frozen yoghurt, as that’s not ice cream as I know it.

Why have I been talking about icecream?  Is it a summer frenzy?  Have I given up chocolate?  No, I just needed a link from this article about business networking.

But if you have ice cream opinions, are one of my London clients and prefer the giddy heights of Fregoo’s or other London ice cream establishments, or have something interesting to say about where business and ice cream mix (or should that be melt) do let me know.

Photo credit – thanks to Samat Jain