Get your Zone of Genius worksheet

Use the Zone of Genius worksheet to prioritise what to focus on in your business. Gay Hendrick's Zone of Genius idea in a simple worksheet helps you to work out the actions which will make the most difference in your business. Especially the projects which involve making good money and enjoying running your business.

Both of these elements are essential for a successful business and a sustainable life.

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Zone of Genius Worksheet FAQs

What exactly is the Zone of Genius?

Zone of Genius is an idea from Gay Hendrick’s great book The Big LeapHe invites us to make a list of all the actions we take in our lives and to categorise them into zones. Here’s a full description of the Zone of Genius idea.


Why is this useful for business owners and founders?

I use the Zone of Genius worksheet with a lot of my business coaching clients and within my courses and programmes. It’s a great shortcut where clients can identify which actions and projects they want to spend time on, and to correlate these with which ones are going to be useful for the business. I love it.

I do the exercise and fill out my own Zone of Genius worksheet every year as part of my own business planning. I find that it centres me and reminds me that I need to be operating in my own Zone of Genius. And every year, I notice that my Zone of Genius actions are slightly different as I evolve and as the business needs me in a different way.

What happens next?

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