The “how” section of my blog is full of delicious and useful tips on how to run a successful business, all gleaned from my experience of running my own businesses, and the hundreds of different companies I’ve helped to grow over the years.  Get stuck in…

The myth of hard work

Many people believe that one of the keys to success in business is to work really, really hard. There is a compelling idea that if you put in the hours, you’ll be successful. However, in my experience of working with hundreds of businesses, this simply isn’t true.

How to handle someone being horrible to you online

Some of you will know already that a couple of weeks ago I got severely panned on an online group in response to an article I wrote about networking. I thought I’d talk about what it felt like and how I handled it.

How To Respond To Feedback

The conventional wisdom in business about feedback is that it’s very important and you must always listen to it and act upon it. Which is all very well and good, but like all conventional wisdom can be a little simplistic. This isn’t my experience of how the real business world works.

Key Success Factors in Business

This article is based on a talk I gave to some budding entrepreneurs at Sussex University’s Enterprise Thursday meeting last week. I called it Key Success Factors in Business but really it’s called Some Things I’ve Noticed Which Really Work. The students liked it, so I figured you might as well.

Why Spam Doesn’t Work

The other day I got an email (along with 76 other people who had signed up to the Brighton and…

Giving shares and equity away

I work a lot with business owners on giving shares and equity away to other people coming into the business. It’s a…