Recipes for business success – ideas for your next step

  • A list of business ideas for you

    This list of business ideas is my response to those blog posts called 100 business ideas you can do for no money, or, ten business ideas you can get going tomorrow? You know the kind of thing I mean, big lists of half baked ideas for new businesses. Well, this is my list of business ideas, […]

  • Find business ideas with Recipes for Business Success

    Do you need to find business ideas? Maybe you’re looking for a new idea for your existing business, or you’re thinking about quitting your job and setting up a new business. Either way, one of the major success factors for any company is the idea behind what you sell. How to find business ideas A while […]

  • Curated collections for business ideas

    I use the concept of curated collections for generating business ideas a lot. But it’s quite a new term, so I made this little video to trying get the idea across a bit more clearly. Some of the business ideas using curated collections I love this idea, and I’ve used a lot in developing many […]

  • Ideas for accountants

    I’m often surprised that accountants don’t offer a wider range of services, so I came up with some upsell ideas for accountants. Generally, most firms offer help for businesses or individuals to make sure that they’re compliant with laws about tax returns, and help with their bookkeeping. I think there are lots more services that […]

  • Business plan writer

    Writing business plans is a substantial chunk of my income. If I wanted to, I could spend all my time writing business plans and make a good living from doing so. Although it’s really interesting work, because you get to find out about people’s different business ideas, I love the other parts of my business […]

  • Business processes for small businesses

    Sometimes, bigger businesses have the advantage over smaller businesses, and sometimes it’s the other way round; each can learn from the other. One of the things that I notice about working with smaller businesses who are growing into bigger businesses, is that they don’t have processes. They don’t have anything mapped out to tell people […]