Curated collections for business ideas

I use the concept of curated collections for generating business ideas a lot. But it’s quite a new term, so I made this little video to trying get the idea across a bit more clearly.

Some of the business ideas using curated collections

I love this idea, and I’ve used a lot in developing many of the Recipes for Business Success. There are some good ones in there, such as selling knickers by post (one of my personal favourites) snacks for a specialist diet, and how to set up a subscription box service on the same model as Graze.

More resources if you want to get into the curated collections idea

Some thinking behind the business model of curated collections

Some more thoughts about how this works in practice

Top tips for using curation within your business


Lots more curated collections for business ideas for you

Are you looking for a new product or service to sell to your existing customers, or may be a whole new business altogether? I put together a big library of business ideas, some little ideas, some big ideas, and some in between.

If this sounds like the sort of thing you been scouring the Internet to find, you can get access to Recipes for Business Success, my giant library of all kinds of business ideas

Here’s how it all works…