A list of business ideas for you

This list of business ideas is my response to those blog posts called 100 business ideas you can do for no money, or, ten business ideas you can get going tomorrow?

You know the kind of thing I mean, big lists of half baked ideas for new businesses.
Well, this is my list of business ideas, but these are all ones that could actually make you some decent money. Some of them could make you a lot of money indeed.

Have a look at the list, see what you think, and then, if you want the detailed versions, plus dozens more great business ideas that actually work in practice, have a think about subscribing to the New Business Ideas Collection, my library of great business ideas, where I tell you how to set these up, what skills you’ll need to get them going, and how much money you could make in practice.

If you want to go straight to the full on version of course, you can get instant access to all the ideas, along with full instructions on how to get going with these business ideas.  Here’s how to do just that…

Here we go, your first list of business ideas

  • Curated subscription boxes on a monthly basis
  • Spotify playlists for specific purposes
  • Eating meet ups
  • Collective buying club
  • Referrals generator and connector
  • Receipts organiser
  • Leave behind designer
  • Business accelerator
  • MailChimp manager
  • Vertical vegetable growing

Another little list of business ideas you could set up

  • Unusual weddings
  • Graffiti removal service
  • Life organiser/second wife
  • Tourist welcomer
  • Developing online courses
  • Teach people how to get money through crowdfunding
  • Set up a B2B membership site
  • Whole life carbon off setting
  • Opportunities in wearable technology
  • Walks organiser

Even more great business ideas

  • A cash flow add-on for Xero that actually works
  • Specialist virtual assistant service for business owners with dyslexia
  • Knickers by post (!)
  • Specialist PR agency
  • Lead magnet developer
  • Online book group
  • Private healthcare service finder (European version)
  • Products made from Formcards
  • Products the trainers (e-commerce)
  • Video course developer

Here’s a list of business ideas I’m currently writing up for New Business Ideas Collection

  • Course developer for lazy academics
  • Course developer for people who are really good at what they do and want to sell courses to teach others
  • Grants finder
  • Business plan writer (Crowdfunding version)
  • Services for dyslexic students
  • Greeting cards by post
  • Seasonal aromatic mixes
  • Art gallery/cultural escorts (need to find another name for this)
  • B2C membership sites
  • Build and administer membership sites

Why have I put this list of business ideas together?

I quickly pulled this list of business ideas from the index of my giant file where I been putting together all of my writing about all the different business ideas I’ve been coming up with over the last few months.

One of the challenges of encouraging people to pay for access to the New Business Ideas Collection is that people can’t see what’s inside the box until they take the brave step of shelling out a fiver to take a trial membership.  Which isn’t a massive amount, but you still want to get an idea of what you’re paying for.

So I wanted to give you all an idea of some of the different ideas for new ventures that I’ve been playing with, and give you some food for thought about being self-employed, and some of the different ideas you might want to have a look at.

I have to admit that I got a bit bored with the copying and pasting, so these are about a third of the different ideas within the New Business Ideas Collection and I’m adding more all the time.

What’s next?

Obviously, this list of business ideas is just a teaser, something to whet your appetite and make you think about what you might set up as your next business.

If you’d like to get the full details of these different business ideas, and how to go about setting them up, then you can get access to all of the business ideas in the New Business Ideas Collection and choose something that is going to really suit you. Here’s how it all works…

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