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Do you need to find business ideas? Maybe you’re looking for a new idea for your existing business. Or you’re thinking about quitting your job and setting up a new business. Either way, one of the major success factors for any company is the idea behind what you sell.

How to find business ideas

A while ago, I noticed that people were talking rubbish on the Internet.  I know, unbelievable, isn’t it.

In this case, though, this rubbish made me really cross, because they were talking rubbish in my area of expertise.  I came across loads of articles telling people how to find business ideas.  And pretty much all of the ideas were terrible.  You might have seen some of these articles…get cash now by babysitting, make millions by selling on eBay, all that kind of thing.

You’d think by reading these articles that all you have to do to make money nowadays is to write a few blogs, put up some affiliate links and then go and sit on the beach while the money rolls in.

So I decided to do something about this…

I thought about all the people who had come to see me over the years who wanted help with a business that wasn’t right for them. In fact, some of those business ideas weren’t right for anyone, because no one could make good money from them.

But how are people who have never run a business before supposed to come up with brilliant business ideas?  They can’t unless they’re particularly lucky.

I am lucky in this way, because I’ve been in the world of business for a long time. And I’ve been able to learn lots of ways to make money.  I know how to find business ideas because my job for the past 15 years has been at least 50% looking for the nugget of a good idea in the not quite so brilliant business that my clients have been running.

(The other 50% is helping clients to concentrate and bring out the good idea, and then helping them to make lots of money out of that bit, by the way.)

Have a headstart on finding business ideas

I sat in front of my computer and wrote up a bunch of business ideas.  I didn’t just do a list of them, I wrote recipes for each of them, describing how they work in practice, and how much money someone could expect to make with that idea.

This was an enjoyable this process to find business ideas, write them up and get them ready for people to use.  I didn’t enjoy throwing away the bad business ideas. The ideas which looked like they’d be good but didn’t stack up financially when I got my spreadsheet out. But that bit just had to be done.

How to get your hands on these ideas

If you want to find business ideas, I’ve got a whole load now.  And I’m adding new ideas, and new resources to help people get into practice with the ideas all the time.  I’ve called all of this my New Business Ideas Collection, and you can get your hands on my business ideas for £5.

Take a look and check it out… see if the idea you’ve been looking for is here waiting for you.  Here’s how to find the right business idea for you…

Photo credit – Coronal mass eruption (probably full of great business ideas) from the sun, taken by the clever people at NASA


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