I meet lots of interesting people on my business travels.  The “who” section of the blog is all about people we can learn from, people who are behind the latest interesting trends and people who do things differently.

  • All things business, social media and technical for our new Online Marketing Manager

    Hi, my name is Assima and I’ve just joined Julia at The Joy of Business as an Online Marketing Manager, which means I will be doing all the exciting marketing and techy jobs for the business that Julia wants to do but can’t because you lovely people are taking up her precious time and becoming […]

  • What would Tigger be like if he ran a business?

    If Tigger was in business, he’d never come to me for business mentoring, partly because he wouldn’t be able to sit still in his chair in my office for a whole 2 hours – he’d need to be off doing something after about 10 minutes. And I’m not sure that Tigger would be a very […]

  • Top tips on rebranding your company

    Here are my top tips on rebranding your business. Changing to a different name for your business can be scary.  But sometimes the name that you started out with just doesn’t fit any more. Susi Doherty used to run a photography agency called Brighton Togs.  As Brighton Togs, they’d done well, established a good reputation […]

  • Seth Godin and the Purple Cow

    One of the most important books I’ve ever read about how to run a successful small business is Seth Godin’s Purple Cow.  I first read it about 17 years ago, but it’s one which I still re-read every couple of years and recommend to my business advice clients all the time. Seth is a great […]

  • Best blog for small business

    Obviously, I think this is the best blog for small business, and you should definitely read it all the time. And get the extra stuff from my weekly emails.  And apparently, I’m not the only person who thinks this, because I got two awards for my blog for small business this year.  Woohoo! Best small […]

  • Want to build something that lasts?

    Once upon a time, a couple of thousand years ago, there was a guy. He saw a lot of things wrong with his society, and he spent a lot of time thinking about how he wanted to change things. This was before Facebook and Snapchat, so he had to go round just telling people about […]

  • Online marketing intern wanted

    I’m looking for a online marketing intern who is keen on learning more about online marketing to come and help me with marketing my digital products and face to face business coaching and mentoring services at the Joy of Business. The right person will start in mid December or early January.  It’s a trainee position, […]

  • No regrets – how to deal with failure in business

    Last year, I chaired a panel at the Brighton Summit on the theme of “No Regrets”.  I was joined by some great business people, Nigel Lambe, Nigel Berman and Arjo Ghosh, to talk about their experiences of when business got difficult and how to move forward with a “je ne regrette rien” attitude. The Brighton […]

  • Why you need to read Seth Godin

    A long long time ago, and when I first set up in business for myself I discovered Seth Godin’s blog. I can’t remember how I found it, somebody probably mentioned it or linked to it. And I’ve been addicted to it ever since.   I’ve bought and read a number of his books since then, […]

  • Life. Time. Value. Conference – hot news!

    Hot news! You’ll know that I’m a big fan of new ways to make you the money that you deserve from your lovely business. One of those ways might be to develop a digital product. There are lots of variations on this, you might already be thinking about developing an online course, writing an e-book, […]