Business cards

What do people think when they see your business cards? Are people pleased to get them? Are you pleased to give them out?

Your business cards are one of the most vital parts of your marketing toolbox. It’s a little piece of yourself that you leave behind with the people you meet. And one which they’re likely to keep, especially if they look good.

But looking through my big box of all the business cards I’ve collected from people, I’m surprised by how few of them say anything meaningful about the people I’ve met.

I do a lot of networking, and I meet a lot of people, most of them interesting, lovely people. But most of these cards are, well, boring. They don’t tell me anything about the people that I’ve met.

business cards


Few of these cards make me want to do anything. The interesting lovely people with the boring cards are missing out on an opportunity to get me to find out more about them.

A business card should make me think “Oh, yes, that was Sheila from the pet food company” reminding me of who the hell Sheila was. This means that when I meet someone who Sheila might want to talk to, I’ll remember that she exists.

A business card should also make me want to have a look at the company website or send Sheila an email to say hello. It should be a call to action.

Top tips to make your business cards work for you:

  • Use quality printing on a thick card. You want to put across a message of success because success attracts people, and high-quality business cards are a relatively low-cost way of doing this.


  • Use colour – lots of the business cards in my big box are boring. Black print on white with a tiny logo in one corner. They all look the same. Colour makes an instant impression and can make your cards stand out from the rest.


  • Make your name and the name of your business big enough to read. Make it easy for people (especially those of us who don’t have perfect eyesight) to see your details.


  • Have a call to action on your card “Come and visit us for the holiday of a lifetime” plants the seed in someone’s mind that they might book a holiday. “Get some business coaching to create a successful business” gives people the idea that they can approach me for help.


  • Include something that explains what you do. Remember that there’s an opportunity on the back of the card to include a tiny version of your elevator speech.


Don’t be shy with business cards

My final recommendation with business cards is – give them out. So many people are mean with their cards. When you meet people, give them a card. It at least gives them a chance to avoid that embarrassing feeling of missing your name in the introduction.

If you see me around at a networking event – come up and say hello and give me your card. I promise I’ll be happy to add it to my collection.

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Photo credit to Vervate and Geraldine Lewa on Unsplash