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Julia Chanteray – Business Speaker

I’m a regular business speaker at conferences, exhibitions, networking groups. I also do a fair amount of TV and radio, as well as blogging here at the Joy of Business.

I was the regular business expert on Channel 4’s Risking It All programme and I’ve appeared on BBC’s The Politics Show, the 6 o’clock News, and radio.

Most recently I’ve been talking about why interest rates shouldn’t rise for Channel 4 News, and about business jargon for Radio 4’s Word of Mouth.

Business speaker topics

Popular topics include:

  • The art of referrals
  • The joy of networking
  • Why women do business differently to men
  • How to have a remarkable business

I also talk about my experience of running businesses – how I lost £4.8m,  how to deal with rapid growth, and the importance of making money if you want to be a successful social enterprise, have all been popular talks.

My speaking style

People have used some of these words to describe my talks. These are all taken from feedback forms at conferences.

  • Very good, dry sense of humour
  • Like her quirky humour
  • Clear and well structured
  • Encouraging, sensible, inclusive, high level (on purpose)
  • Excellent – really great advice
  • She was hilarious – loved this session – informative and v funny!
  • Straight, clear, v helpful Could be a stand-up comedian – hilarious
  • Inspirational
  • Thought provoking

I would say that my speaking style is direct and down to earth, with some humour and humility. My passion is to pass on my learning about running businesses and to help people to feel that they can be successful as well, and I’m not short of opinions or afraid to voice them.

Here’s what I look like as a business speaker:

Here are some examples of me as a business speaker in action, making issue-based speeches about the Living Wage or interest rates, talking to the camera, chairing heated debates, and appearances on TV.

Chairing a panel – Brighton Summit 2015

For this event, I put together a panel of people that I really admire in business and chaired a discussion about the things each of us regretted in business. The panel included Arjo Ghosh, Nigel Berman, and Nigel Lambe.

Julia Chanteray on Channel 4 news (2013)

Channel 4 came to Brighton on a sunny day to ask me about UK interest rates.

Brighton and Hove Living Wage Campaign

Here’s me doing some pieces to camera, along with Caroline Lucas MP, other local business owners and supporters of the campaign for fair wages in the city.


Here’s what I sound like

This is me on BBC Radio 4’s Word of Mouth programme talking about business jargon. I like this one, 2m people heard me talk about euphemisms for going to the toilet (!) and getting sacked at the age of 18 for being too hung over to work.

Julia Chanteray on Word of Mouth

And here’s me giving an unusual talk about my business experiences and history, sharing my secrets at the Brighton and Hove Chamber of Commerce Inspirational breakfast.  My bit starts about 3 mins in and lasts a 20-minute version of my life story.

Julia Chanteray’s secrets at breakfast

Book Julia to speak

If you’re interested in getting me to speak at your conference or networking group, or would like me to be part of your TV/radio show about business, then here’s how it all works.

Writing about business

As well as public speaking, I also write regularly about business issues, from finance to marketing.

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