• Online marketing intern wanted

    I’m looking for a online marketing intern who is keen on learning more about online marketing to come and help me with marketing my digital products and face to face business coaching and mentoring services at the Joy of Business. The right person will start in mid December or early January.  It’s a trainee position, […]

  • A list of business ideas for you

    This list of business ideas is my response to those blog posts called 100 business ideas you can do for no money, or, ten business ideas you can get going tomorrow? You know the kind of thing I mean, big lists of half baked ideas for new businesses. Well, this is my list of business ideas, […]

  • How to recognise if your business might be failing

    Many people come to see me when they’re worried that their business might be failing. One of the tricks of my trade as a business mentor is to recognise when the business is actually failing, and can’t be revived, and when it just need some TLC. The TLC might consist of working on an entirely […]

  • Find business ideas with Recipes for Business Success

    Do you need to find business ideas? Maybe you’re looking for a new idea for your existing business, or you’re thinking about quitting your job and setting up a new business. Either way, one of the major success factors for any company is the idea behind what you sell. How to find business ideas A while […]

  • How to understand your profit and loss account, to help you feel really powerful in your business

    Do you understand your profit and loss account? One of the things I notice all the time about many of my business mentoring clients, is that people struggle to understand the financial part of their business. It’s not surprising, we don’t get taught this stuff at school, it can be a little bit difficult to get […]

  • How to have a hot elevator pitch

    Here’s my guide to developing a really hot elevator pitch that you can use to introduce yourself at business networking events, and make sure that the people you meet understand what you do and remember you. Your elevator pitch is your little introduction when someone asks you “what do you do?” at a networking event. […]

  • Some great stuff from the blog archive

  • Business advisor as a trusted friend

    Why do my mentoring clients see me as their trusted friend? I’m sure they all have their own friends, and don’t need to pay me to be their mate, but the relationship between a business advisor and her clients is very much that of a trusted friend. How to choose a business advisor There are […]

  • No regrets – how to deal with failure in business

    Last year, I chaired a panel at the Brighton Summit on the theme of “No Regrets”.  I was joined by some great business people, Nigel Lambe, Nigel Berman and Arjo Ghosh, to talk about their experiences of when business got difficult and how to move forward with a “je ne regrette rien” attitude. The Brighton […]

  • Why you need to read Seth Godin

    A long long time ago, and when I first set up in business for myself I discovered Seth Godin’s blog. I can’t remember how I found it, somebody probably mentioned it or linked to it. And I’ve been addicted to it ever since.   I’ve bought and read a number of his books since then, […]

  • Brexit for business – Not the end of the world

    The EU referendum vote last week has created a very busy week for me this week. In addition to my usual client meetings, I’ve had to spend a lot of time helping my clients to work out what Brexit for business might mean for them and their businesses, including one emergency meeting on Monday with […]