• Brexit for business – Not the end of the world

    The EU referendum vote last week has created a very busy week for me this week. In addition to my usual client meetings, I’ve had to spend a lot of time helping my clients to work out what Brexit for business might mean for them and their businesses, including one emergency meeting on Monday with […]

  • Curated collections for business ideas

    I use the concept of curated collections for generating business ideas a lot. But it’s quite a new term, so I made this little video to trying get the idea across a bit more clearly. Some of the business ideas using curated collections I love this idea, and I’ve used a lot in developing many […]

  • Why you might need a business coach

    After fifteen years of coaching and mentoring all kinds of businesses, this week I finally noticed the mindset behind some of my most successful clients. The people who do well with me as their business coach are the people who want to have a “grown-up business”. They are the people who have some serious ambition, […]

  • The dark tunnel of VATMoss

    I’ve just emerged from a dark tunnel; trying to find my way through a maze. Other metaphors may apply. I’ve been implementing VATMoss. It has not been fun. There are lots of other resources online to help you work through this tunnel if your business is affected by the dark shadow of VATMoss. I’ll just […]

  • Life. Time. Value. Conference – hot news!

    Hot news! You’ll know that I’m a big fan of new ways to make you the money that you deserve from your lovely business. One of those ways might be to develop a digital product. There are lots of variations on this, you might already be thinking about developing an online course, writing an e-book, […]

  • My workshop for growth businesses

    I’m running a workshop on 15 July (and repeated on the 1st September) specifically for people who have been in business for a little while and want to focus on how to grow their business. It’s going to be great, you should come along… What we’ll be doing on the day This will be a […]

  • Some great stuff from the blog archive

  • Other thoughts on employee benefits

    I got some good responses from my blog about how to deal with the recruitment crisis for small businesses, and that made me think about some of the other things that small businesses can offer to attract great employees, and keep the ones you’ve got. Here’s the first batch of employee benefits: Free healthy snacks […]

  • The recruitment crisis for small businesses

    There is a recruitment crisis for small businesses in the UK today. This recruitment crisis is making it more difficult for small businesses to attract good staff – and to keep them.The number of people employed is at a 10-year-high while I’m writing this (March 2016), and the number of unfilled job vacancies is currently […]

  • The habits of successful business owners

    I’ve worked with hundreds of successful business owners over the past 14 years of being a business adviser. Some people were already successful when they came to me, and some people had businesses which weren’t doing so well, but we managed to turn them around. By hanging out with all of these people, I’ve been […]

  • My library of business ideas

    Here’s how my library of business ideas, Recipes for Business Success works, and why you should take a £5 trial if you’re looking for your next business idea My invitation to take a trial of Recipes for Business Success Does that get you going to find a idea for a new business for yourself?  Do […]