Ridiculous Testimonials

I’ve been catching up with asking clients for testimonials for my website. These are three which made me laugh out loud.

Mark Walsh from Embodied Facilitator Course has said:

“Julia is a sarcastic loathsome creature, but that doesn’t matter as she’s helped me make bags of money in ethical ways. I’ve known her for years (and trust her deeply) but was too tight to work with her properly until this year, despite consistently good advice. Now I work with her regularly I want to kick my past self in the nuts for not doing it sooner.”

Tim Simpson from Plunge Productions in Hove offered several versions of his testimonial:

Short and punchy…

She looked at our business, understood it, then made it grow.


If we’d never been introduced to the Joy Of Business, goodness only knows what kind of pickle we’d be in by now.


Call Julia, Meet Julia, Thank Julia.


We at Plunge have been searching for years to find a business mentor and consultant who truly understood our needs as a business. Finally, we met with Julia and Ohmigod; she opened our eyes to how our business works and what we could do the develop its true potential. She’s simply amazing. Wow!


She’s a bargain. A few consultations and now we’re rich. RICH I TELL YOU. RICH!!!!


Yeah, running a business is such a joy!

Thanks to Tim for such a range of testimonials

Sarah Carter from WorldWide Performers offered:

“Working with Julia is like having a second superior brain which is bigger, better, smarter and more experienced than mine and which can think logically and accurately when mine is ready to hit the G and T. She has helped me turn business ideas into real opportunities and has given me the confidence to make decisions which I would have found difficult to make on my own.

I recommend Julia wholeheartedly though, if you are going to have a meeting with her at her place, take some milk just in case.

The real testimonials, including what Tim and Sarah said when I suggested they do sensible versions, are here, by the way.”


Photo credit – Tim and the team at Plunge Productions made this giant teddy.  It’s not really Tim