The “how” section of my blog is full of delicious and useful tips on how to run a successful business, all gleaned from my experience of running my own businesses, and the hundreds of different companies I’ve helped to grow over the years.  Get stuck in…

  • Resources from my talk at LTV conference 2017

    If you came along to my talk at the Life.Time.Value conference in April 2017, these are some of the resources I referred to in my talk. If you weren’t there, this blog might not make a whole lot of sense to you to be honest, and you might prefer to read about the big danger […]

  • Speaking at Life Time Value Conference 2017

    I’ll be speaking at the Life Time Value Conference 2017 on 19th April.  You’ve just about got time to grab a ticket to come and hear my talk, plus loads of other fantastic speakers. I’m on the line up with these guys: Brennan Dunn Thomas Smale Bridget Harris Stef Lewandowski Laura Elizabeth Why you should […]

  • The big danger in chasing investment

    When you’re chasing investment for your company, this is a dangerous time. I’ve helped dozens of people find investment, and and I’ve persuaded dozens more not to even bother, at least at this stage. Because chasing investments can kill your company. Chasing investment takes so much time We’ve all read the stories of X company […]

  • The pros and cons of having a business partner

    Here are some thoughts on the pros and cons of having a business partner. I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses over the years, a lot of which have been run by two people. Sometimes, these two people have been married to each other as well as being business partners. And I had a previous business […]

  • Changes to LinkedIn

    I just got word of some big changes to LinkedIn. These changes which will affect any of us who use LinkedIn for business development.  For a lot of my business mentoring clients, this is going to be a big deal, and will make it more difficult to use LinkedIn as part of your sales process […]

  • How to write your automated email series

    My automated email series makes me happy. One of the most useful and effective marketing things you can do is email marketing. You probably know that already. But, if you’re like me, and lots of my business mentoring clients, you don’t send out emails as often as you should. When you’re running a small business, […]

  • How to recognise if your business might be failing

    Many people come to see me when they’re worried that their business might be failing. One of the tricks of my trade as a business mentor is to recognise when the business is actually failing, and can’t be revived, and when it just need some TLC. The TLC might consist of working on an entirely […]

  • How to have a hot elevator pitch

    Here’s my guide to developing a really hot elevator pitch that you can use to introduce yourself at business networking events, and make sure that the people you meet understand what you do and remember you. Your elevator pitch is your little introduction when someone asks you “what do you do?” at a networking event. […]

  • Other thoughts on employee benefits

    I got some good responses from my blog about how to deal with the recruitment crisis for small businesses, and that made me think about some of the other things that small businesses can offer to attract great employees, and keep the ones you’ve got. Here’s the first batch of employee benefits: Free healthy snacks […]

  • The recruitment crisis for small businesses

    There is a recruitment crisis for small businesses in the UK today. This recruitment crisis is making it more difficult for small businesses to attract good staff – and to keep them.The number of people employed is at a 10-year-high while I’m writing this (March 2016), and the number of unfilled job vacancies is currently […]