New business ideas – ones that work

I’ve been busy for the last few months putting together a collection of new business ideas.

I’ve used all of my experience in business to put together a big bag with a mixture of different business concepts. You also get some great resources I’m working on to help you pick the right business for you.

New Business Ideas Collection

I’m writing up instructions for each new business idea.  Each one has information about how it works in practice, what kind of person would be suited to it, how much money you need to get it going, and some tricks to how to make it work.

And of course, how much money you might make with the different ideas.

I’ve been doing some which are original, but easy start and low cost start ups, some which are a bit bigger and need more money or more time to get going. And then some mega ideas for people who are quite experienced and can attract investment.

It’s been great fun to think these through, and get them analysed and written up.

Update at March 2016 on new business ideas

Well, it took a bit longer than I thought, and the New Business Ideas Collection didn’t launch in mid October, but it’s here now.

There’s an exciting library of new business ideas, each one with a recipe for how to get it going and what sort of person it might suit. Plus, how much money you might make with each different business idea.

You can find out more about how it works and how much it costs to access this great library here at New Business Ideas Collection.

Free samples of my new business ideas collection

new business ideas to choose from

Just like the free samples at the cheese counter of your favourite deli, I’ve got some free samples of the different business ideas for you to try out:

What’s stopping you?

You might have come to this blog post because you’re looking for the right business idea for you, and you’re trying to find one that’s going to be fun to do, will stand out in the marketplace and, of course, make you some good money.  Here’s how to get access to all the great business ideas in New Business Ideas Collection.


Photo credit – recipe card for new business ideas – Brian Hart from Flickr under a creative commons license

Photo credit for the cheese counter of new business ideas – Chef Matt Rock


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